Cáritas opens Moda Re in Cádiz, a store that favors the employment of the vulnerable and cares for the environment • Cádiz Solidaria

2022-06-28 23:47:02 By : Ms. eunice wu

The Moda Re store opens its doors in the El Populo neighborhood.Silvio Bueno, episcopal delegate of Cáritas Diocesana, has blessed the facilities of the new clothing store that Cáritas Diocesana de Cádiz, through its insertion company INSERTA CÁDIZ SL, has opened in Cádiz.The event was attended by volunteers, Cáritas workers and members of the management team of Cáritas Diocesana de Cádiz and INSERTA CÁDIZ SL.Likewise, Juan Carlos Paradas, Delegate Councilor for Development of the Cádiz City Council, has been present.At the beginning of the event, the general secretary of Cáritas Diocesana, José María Espinar, who welcomed and thanked everyone for their support of this social initiative, spoke.Next, Father Silvio Bueno proceeded to bless the facilities, hoping that this work space would be a place for caring for people and, in turn, contribute to caring for the environment, following the instructions of Pope Francis in the encyclical Laudato Si.Next, Manuel de la Puente, Chairman of the Board of Directors of INSERTA CÁDIZ SL, presented the new store to the attendees and what place it occupies in the work process of the insertion company.According to him, he has expressed "With this store, an alternative option is made available to citizens for the purchase of clothing and accessories and the insertion employment and responsible consumption of second-hand garments is made possible."De la Puente has reported that the store will be open to the public.Likewise, those people in a situation of vulnerability who need clothing will be able to access it in the store after referral from the parish Cáritas, like some other clients.The prices of the clothes that will be in the store, which is open every day during business hours, will be very affordable, since the purpose is the reuse of clothes, raising awareness throughout society and promoting sustainable consumption and not economic benefit.The Moda Re store, which has begun its journey, completes the cycle of the circular economy that begins with the collection of clothes in the containers and their selection in the warehouse that Cáritas has in the Free Trade Zone of Cádiz and that, later, It is sent to the Moda Re textile recycling centers. There, these garments are fixed and sanitized to be donated or sold in the Moda-Re stores in Spain and to whose network the one in Cádiz is incorporated.INSERTA CÁDIZ SL is an initiative promoted by Cáritas Diocesana de Cádiz that aims to support people at risk or in a situation of social exclusion through the collection of used clothing.Our commitment responds to the invitation of Pope Francis to take care of the common home and to be with the last and unattended in society.According to the latest report from Cáritas Diocesana de Cádiz, INSERTA CÁDIZ SL collected more than 400,000 kilos of clothing through its 69 containers and employed 12 people.Moda Re is a cooperative created by Cáritas to manage the full circle of used clothing: collection, reuse, recycling, donation and sale.With this clothing store, the aim is to give a new life to garments that are discarded and that can still have a longer life.Currently, Moda Re has more than 6,000 containers throughout Spain, has managed more than 44,000 tons of clothing collected, has 105 stores in Spain and has generated 498 jobs for people in social exclusion.Cáritas thanks everyone who has made this new step possible in favor of insertion employment and care for the environment.Cádiz Solidaria is a news portal that covers everything that happens in our city and its province regarding solidarity events and experiences.A space where the NGOs, institutions and volunteers of Cadiz can make their activities known to the Cadiz society.