NICU Albacete denounces the passivity of the city council before the Romanian settlement installed in the Casas Viejas Urbanization |Objective Castilla-La Mancha News

2022-06-28 23:46:58 By : Mr. Howie wang

NICU Albacete calls on the Albacete city council to act as soon as possible and given the serious incidents these days in the Casas Viejas Urbanization, with fifty Romanians in unhealthy conditions, who have settled on land "that we do not know if they have been rented or occupied and by whom".NICU urges the government team to take note and look in the cadastre to see who owns that property and if it is really rented by an agricultural entrepreneur or directly by these people or by some mafia.Cutanda: "15 containers full of people in third world conditions, they are bothering the neighbors doing their business at the doors of their plots and filling everything with dirt and NOBODY gives an explanation for all this. We don't know how and under what conditions, we don't even know nothing from such an agricultural entrepreneur".According to the NICU, being there in these conditions is totally illegal, "we, for our part, are also going to report it to the labor and social affairs and health inspection, to see the hygienic conditions in which they are."Cutanda: "They are in 15 containers with extreme temperatures, without water or electricity and on top of that they relieve themselves outside the plot in other places and for that reason we already have the controversy served by a neighbor whom they were spying on... We just watched and recorded that they have opened the two adjoining plots and have also settled in them, for which reason, we ask the mayor, just as he took the photos with the sub-Saharan immigrants in a pandemic, to come here and face and put solutions where they said that they were going to put in and they haven't done".Cutanda: "From NICU ALBACETE, we are going to denounce this whole situation and we are going to reach the final consequences because we no longer know what is happening there and not even the police or civil guard know it because they have to go every day for complaint calls and they have only been installed for two days>>.The party already warned 5 years ago that this was going to happen and they were not wrong, all the forecasts are fulfilled and according to Ricardo Cutanda: "it is very nice that someone arrives to put 20 containers there and more than 50 people in unhealthy and inhumane conditions knowing how is this class of people, and that they go away and leave the neighbors with all that mess. It is neither logical nor negotiable".NICU insists and demands that the city council do its job, that it look at the cadastre as soon as possible, that it say in what condition are those three pieces of land that they have taken when there was only one, who has rented it, if it has really been an entrepreneur or It has been the same Romanians or mafias and the conditions in which they are, because there cannot be so many containers there and so many people in those unsanitary conditions and leaving the safety of the neighbors in Limbo.Learn more about text formats© Objective CLM News 2022 |General Terms |Privacy Policy |Legal Notice |Phone and WhatsApp 926 920 088 |Who we are |Commercial |Contact |